Sichuan shredded pork with garlic sauce




Sichuan shredded pork with garlic sauce



Signature dish of Sichuan cuisine, shredded pork with garlic sauce delivers a sophisticated and addictive taste: tangy, spicy, sweet & sour.  If you wish, you may replace pork fillet with chicken breast for this dish. Beef can be an option too as long as you choose a cut ideal for quick stir-fry (e.g. flank steak or skirt steak).



For the meat
For the vegetable
    • 2 tablespoons Sichuan pickled chili ( if can not find, use other pickled chili or minced fresh chili)
    • 1 teaspoon ginger
    • 2 teaspoons garlic
    • 60g / 0.5 cup pre-soaked wood ear (about 5g dried)
    • 60g / 0.5 cup bamboo shoots
    • 40g / 0.5 cup carrot
    • 1 stalk spring onion
For the sauce
You also need
  • 3 tablespoons cooking oil



Step 1: Slice pork fillet then cut into long thin strips. In a bowl, rub the pork (with your hand) with rice wine, soy sauce, salt and water until no more liquid can be seen. Add corn starch then mix well. Set aside.



Step 2: Mince Sichuan pickled chili (or fresh chili), ginger and garlic. Cut wood ear, bamboo shoots and carrot into thin strips. Finely chop spring onion.



Step 3: Mix all the ingredients for the sauce and stir well.


Step 4: Heat up a wok (or a deep frying pan) over a high heat. Pour in oil, then stir in marinated pork. Transfer to a plate when all the strips become pale.



Step 5: Fry Sichuan pickled chili, ginger, and garlic in the remaining oil (add a bit more if necessary). Add wood ear, bamboo shoots and carrot. Stir fry for half a minute or so then add the pork. Cook a further half a minute.



Step 6: Pour in the sauce (stir well beforehand to avoid starch sitting at the bottom). When it becomes thick, turn off the heat then sprinkle spring onion over.



Plate and serve: