red bean paste spring rolls





Red Bean Paste Spring Rolls


Eggrolls are probably the most well-known of Chinese cuisine. However, they’re actually “spring rolls.” They are eaten during the Spring Festival in Southern China to celebrate the coming of spring.   For those with a sweet tooth, there are Shangainese style red bean paste spring rolls.



1 cup sweet red bean paste
20 pc wonton wrappers
Cooking oil


Step 1:     Place a wonton wrapper on workstation.   Place wrapper like diamond, as shown, on a clean, dry surface. Place 1 tablespoon of  red bean paste near corner. No more than that.  Less filling, the better. Overstuffed spring rolls break apart in the oil. 1 tablespoon is all you need!    Fold over the corner. Roll tight.    Fold over left side.    Fold over the other side. No air pockets!    Air pockets = oil seepage = oily egg roll.    Paint a little cornstarch slurry along the edge – just as if you were lickin’ an envelope. But don’t lick it. Finger paint.   Roll it up and close it.   See how nice and neat the egg roll is wrapped? No holes, no air pockets.


Step 2:   When you’re ready to fry, heat up 1 1/2″ of cooking oil  to 350F.    Carefully SLIDE the spring rolls in. Inspect each spring roll for corners that have popped open. Fix with more cornstarch slurry if needed.   Keep turning ’em to brown evenly. Once they are golden brown, they are done.