Squid Stuffed with Rice




Squid Stuffed with Rice

The texture of the squid becomes tender and the rice inside is perfumed with the aroma of the squid. The tip to making this dish well is not to overstuff the squid as the rice will expand as it cooks.



3 pounds  medium-sized fresh squid ( or 2 lbs clean squid tubs)
5 tablespoons Chinese BBQ sauce (or any of your favorite BBQ sauce)

Leftover fried rice or freshly made fried rice  (click on this link for a list of fried rice recipes)



Step 1:    Clean the squid: Pull out the head and tentacles and set aside. Using your index finger, remove and discard the clear cartilage from the inside of the squid. Remove and discard the viscera. If desired, using a small paring knife, remove and discard the squid’s purple membrane. Rinse the squid thoroughly. Take the head section aand cut away or squeeze out the mouth and eyes. Cut away any viscera that might still be connected. Rinse and drain.



Step 2:   Make your choice of fired rice

Step 3:   Use a teaspoon and fill one squid with the mixture from the fried rice. You should  fill it only to the 2/3 of the squid as the rice will expand during cooking. Use a toothpick to seal the opening of the squid so that the stuffing will not come out during the cooking process. Place the stuffed squid on a medium-large pan and repeat for the others.

Set oven to 360 celsius.   Let the squid bake for  25 minutes in the oven. Brush with BBQ sauce and let it bake for another 10 minutes until the squids start getting brown.