Pumpkin Sweet Rice Pancake





Pumpkin Sweet Rice Pancake


This is a yummy Chinese snack with only 2 ingredients: pumpkin, glutinous rice flour. It is also very easy to make this snack at home.  Pan fried, the pancakes are slightly crisp on the surface and delicately sticky inside. The pancakes are soft and a little chewy after being pan fried. It’s great to serve these pumpkin pancakes with Chinese hot tea.





8oz  glutinous (aka sticky or sweet) rice flour
1lb seeded and skinned pumpkin
3/4 cup  sugar
small pinch of salt
cooking oil for pan-frying



Step 1:    Remove all the skins of the pumpkin and then cut into cubes. Place the cubes into a steamer, cover with plastic wrap (so that there will be no extra water) and steam for around 25 to 30 minutes until completely soft. Smash the steamed pumpkin with a fork and squeeze the extra water out. Stir the sugar in when the pumpkin puree is still hot. Set aside to cool down. Add glutinous rice flour in.



Step 2:    Knead the dough for several minutes until smooth. Then divide the dough into a long log. Cut around 12 equal portions out. Take one portion and roll into a ball then flatten it into a flat disk.



Step 3:    To pan-fry: brush some oil on a pan and then fry the cake over low fire until golden brown in both sides. Set aside to cool down a little bite. Serve warm.