Okra Egg Stir Fry


Okra Egg Stir Fry


Okra is a delicious and filling vegetable that can be found in many large supermarkets. It’s easy to prepare and can be cooked a lot of different ways.  Okra and eggs are a combination enjoyed by many Chinese. When you taste it, you will see why.


8 oz Okra
2 Eggs
1 Red Chilli Pepper ( use sweet pepper if prefer non spicy)
Salt to Taste



Step 1:     Place the okra in a bowl, add 1 litre of boiling water and leave for a minute then drain.   Thinly slice the chilli pepper.
Cut the okra into bite size chunks.


Step 2:    Meranwhile, break the eggs into a bowl, beat till the yolk and white parts are well mixed. Heat half a Tbsp oil in a wok, pour the egg into the wok, stir fry until sets, remove from wok. Heat another 1 Tbsp oil in the same wok. Add the okra and chilli pepper, fry for half a minute.  Add the egg back to the wok, salt to taste and stir



Transfer onto a dish and serve